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Move sua ideia. Mova seu negócio. Move você.
Há mais de 10 anos que os Territórios impulsionam empreendedores locais com propostas de valor únicas – únicas como cada pessoa e únicas como cada ideia. Temos incubadoras em locais também eles únicos: seja numa escola do Antigo Regime, dentro de um autódromo ou num mercado agroalimentar. Gostamos de “projetos chave na mão”: desenvolvemos projetos na íntegra para que no final só tenha de abrir a porta.

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Covid-19 made the interior more competitive


Author: Luís Matos Martins


Opinion article on how digital transformation, teleworking and the resistance of the interior of Portugal to the virus contributed to the increase of the competitiveness of these territories


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The Cities That Give You Talk


Author: Luís Matos Martins

Opinion article on the theme of urban economy and the three T’s of development: Technology, Talent and Tolerance.


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The Competencies of the New Present


Author: Luís Matos Martins

Opinion article on overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the keywords for success in a phase of more fragility: Innovation, Resilience, Intelligence, Seduction and Meditation.


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The Digital Acceleration in Training


Author: Luís Matos Martins

Opinion article on Team Training and Training: implementation of new methods, such as reducing the use of raw materials, resignification of products in relation to our need and regeneration of resources through employees.


Link for full article

A round of applause to all municipalities


Author: Luís Matos Martins

Opinion article on the action taken by municipalities in the prevention of territories in the face of the pandemic.

Challenges in the implementation of business incubators in unusual places – Case-study: StartUp Portimão


Authors: Inês Vieira Marques; Luís Matos Martins; Teresa Preta.


This articles presents the challenges of StartUp Portimão, Portimão’s business incubator, implemented in an unusual place. A year after it’s opening, it’s relevant to share the practices and strategies that have made this incubator a success.

Business Model of Social Economy Organizations


Authors: Luís Matos Martins; Teresa Preta


Social Economy Organizations have an important role in the development of the society and face a constant challenge: identify strategies that can maintain their financial sustainability.
This article intends to do a reflection, based on literature review, about business models of social economy organizations, through an approach that aims to minimize sponsorships, and the dependency of third parties, and potentiates the creation and sharing of knowledge.

Challenges in the dynamization of business incubators – Case-study: Ericeira Business Factory


Authors: Luís Matos Martins; Teresa Preta


This article presents the challenges of EBF – Ericeira Business Factory, a business incubator in Ericeira, Mafra, when trying to achieve recognition in the national entrepreneurship panorama. A year and half after its opening, it’s relevant to share the practices and strategies that allowed this incubator to become a case of success.

From Sociocultural Animation to Creative Economy 1976-2016


Authors: Luís Matos Martins; Teresa Preta


This article aims to make the connection – not clear at first sight – between the concept of sociocultural animation, that started to appear in Portugal during the 70s, and the Creative Economy, a 21st Century concept. In general, although the bridge is not direct, both concepts converge with respect to the territorial animation that they carry out. We use two examples to show this interconnection: Marvila Recicla Project and Ericeira Business Factory.

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