Nossa História

Move sua ideia. Mova seu negócio. Move você.
Há mais de 10 anos que os Territórios impulsionam empreendedores locais com propostas de valor únicas – únicas como cada pessoa e únicas como cada ideia. Temos incubadoras em locais também eles únicos: seja numa escola do Antigo Regime, dentro de um autódromo ou num mercado agroalimentar. Gostamos de “projetos chave na mão”: desenvolvemos projetos na íntegra para que no final só tenha de abrir a porta.

Horas de Trabalho

Monday - Friday 09:00AM-17:00PM
Saturday - Sunday FECHADOS

Consulting Board

Territórios CriativosConsulting Board

Luís Afonso

Doctorate in Art History from the University of Lisbon; Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon; ARTIS researcher and collaborator of the History Centre of the University of Lisbon

Maria João Bobone

Director of Digital and Communication at AICEP. Previous Director of the INOV Contacto Program, an international internship program in a professional context, promoted and managed by AICEP, the subject of international mentions of Good Practices by the EU (DG Enterprise and Industry, 2007 and Indústrias Criativas, 2010), Case Study by the OECD (with replica recommendation for Welsh Assembly Government, 2008) and Success Story by FSE (School to Work, 2013 and FSE supported projects, 2015-16).

Miguel Pina Martins

Founder and CEO at Science4you; Master in Management and Graduated in Finance; Entrepreneur of the Year by the European Commission in 2010; In 2015, was awarded the honour Ordem de Mérito Empresarial by the President of the Republic; In 2020 was the founder and President of the Retail and Restoration Brands Association.

Nuno Frazão

Social Entrepreneur, founder and Executive Director of Positive Benefits, consultant and evaluator of European Union (EU) programs and projects and other impact innovation investors

Pedro Mateus das Neves

Consultant to THE UNECE - United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Founder and Managing Partner of Global Solutions, Advisor to the Government of China of the Future - Consultant of several Investment Funds.

Rogério Amaro

Doctorate in Economics; Professor at the University of ISCTE-IUL; Author of several studies in the area of Social Economy and Education

Rui Moreira de Carvalho

Doctorate in Business Management and Master in Economics and Management of Science and Technology, He was deputy to the Secretary of State for Commerce; Accesstor of the Board of Directors of Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Adrian Budacu

Director of International Public Relations, European Movement - Romanian Section, Translator of Portuguese authorized by the Ministry of Justice of Romania , Was Vice-President of the Business Council Romania- Portugal