Nossa História

Move sua ideia. Mova seu negócio. Move você.
Há mais de 10 anos que os Territórios impulsionam empreendedores locais com propostas de valor únicas – únicas como cada pessoa e únicas como cada ideia. Temos incubadoras em locais também eles únicos: seja numa escola do Antigo Regime, dentro de um autódromo ou num mercado agroalimentar. Gostamos de “projetos chave na mão”: desenvolvemos projetos na íntegra para que no final só tenha de abrir a porta.

Horas de Trabalho

Monday - Friday 09:00AM-17:00PM
Saturday - Sunday FECHADOS

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

The entrepreneurial spirit travels with us in every field, specifically to the corporate training. We seek to energize and motivate the employees, give tools to increase productivity and open the spectrum of knowledge. Our goal is to create institutional entrepreneurs.

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Training Academies

Our training programs are focused on the real and specific needs of each organization. In them, we apply the knowledge acquired in the management of incubators and in the dynamization of entrepreneurship programs.

AlgarExperience Academy

Training Program that seeks to develop the competencies and the relations of AlgarExperience’s employees

Santini Academy

Training of employees and managers, with a focus on the development of their competencies

Trainnes EDP

Integration program for EDP’s Trainees

INOV Contacto

Preparation and information sessions to prepare the young interns that are going abroad (international internships)

Casa Da Calada

More than a vacation house by the sea, a space for residential training programs. This house, with the capacity for 8 people, is the perfect place to relax, inspire and teach.
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Consultancy to Training Departments

Why should we keep it a secret? We share all our know-how with the companies we support. In the construction and development of their training departments, our goal is to allow employees to grow professionally and, by extension, grow their companies.
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